Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cogito Ergo Sum

Wondering what its means, I began to find the meaning hidding in that verse....

This is what I get ...

Cogito ergo sum, in English "I think, therefore I am", and sometimes misquoted as Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum (I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am), is a philosophical statement in Latin used by René Descartes.

                                                                        This is the guy

After reading a lot of related resources related to this verse, I can conclude that his statement is really a fill-in-the-blanks statement. "i think__________, therefore i am__________. " for example. "i think i am disappointed, therefore i am disappointed. " "I think i am honored, therefore i am honored", "i think i am angry, therefore i am angry. "

This verse made to give confidence to every man, confidence that will lead to success. 

Before your mind trying to rejecting these verse, perhaps this short story can convince you.


                                                    a broken wing dove

Once apon a time, there was a female doves named "Mother". One day, Mother delivered a cute and adorable twin named Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve grew up together happily. Eating together and they are free to fly anywhere they want. Until one day......

Adam became arrogant. it occurs when Adam can fly faster than Eve....

                                                                          this is Adam

Adam has been reprimanded many times by Mother, but for adam the advices was not carrying any meaning. it just only another nagging from his mother. Because of Adam stubbornness to hear words from his mother, to teach him a lesson, Mother had told Adam and Eve to race against each other. 

Listen to the words from Mother, Eve became afraid. Because Eve knows she never in any way  she can defeat Adam in the race. Mother give Eve a very simple and meaningful advice "believe in yourself and all that you are", she said.

The day has come. Adam and Eve were getting ready at the starting point. Adam talks to Eve in a sarcastic way "huh!! beat me in your dreams, girl", Adam said. Adam looked at Eve with full of insult. Eve became less confident, but suddenly, Eve remembers his mother's words "believe in yourself and all that you are". Those words make Eve become more excited, more excited to beat Adam in the race. 

"From here, to the tree over there and come back here. Here is the starting and finishing point" Mother said. 1, 2, 3 go!!!! and off they go.

Looks like Adam leading the race. Eve, that leave behind are trying in great effort to head off Adam. Eve face looked tired and breathless. From a far, Mother looked at Eve with a face full of hope. Adam seems closer to the finish line. Adam faces seem happy.
Seeing the happy faces of Adam, Eve strengthen her heart. not willing for Eve to see his mother was disappointed by her. Eve closed her eyes, she screamed in her heart "Aarrrhhhh! I certainly can do it". Sudden Eve intercepts Adam. Adam looked surprised. He seems can not believe what happened. The result is, Eve won the race.

"Mother, i won .. i won the race" said Eve happily. Eve go to hermother. Mother Mother Eve "Eve, remember this, if you think youcan won the race, therefor, you can won the race. "

"Thank you mother", said Eve. After That, they leave, leaving the dumb-founded Adam behind.


Anything related? i think you guy get the idea, but let me make it super clear. This story tells if we want something,we must believe that we can do it. That the meaning of "Cogito Ergo Sum". I think, therefore i am. Let's go back to verse and fill in the blanks. " I think i can won the race, therefore i won the race". So the usual conclusion to this thought is I can won the race… thus I won the race. 

Another example? Ok. Someone says something to me that I consider insulting or hurtful. Let's go back to our fill in the blanks. I think I am insulted, therefore I am insulted. Now, I do have another alternative in how I "fill in the blanks". I think I am amused, therefore I am amused. Whichever thought I choose is the one that carries over into the "I AM".

                                                                               "I am"

I suggest you try this. Next time you find yourself feeling upset with someone (I think I am upset, therefore I am upset), replace that thought with, "I think I am at peace, therefore I am at peace". Of course, this is not a magic pill that instantly will change your reality. What it will do is change your perception of the situation. All of a sudden, it places you on the outside of your attitudes, "looking at them" rather than "being them". You, as the observer, can stand back and see "you" the "action figure" choosing to play the role of "I am upset", "I am angry", "I am at peace", "I am too busy", "I am hurt".

Once you start saying "I think I am at peace, therefore I am at peace" something shifts. It lets you see that there is another option. You are not cemented into your reactions, they are a choice, even though we've often overlooked the fact that we had a choice. Saying I am at peace,  helps shift our attitude from upset and anger, to a focus on choosing inner peace.

                                                    i think i am the best, therefore i am the best

When you hear someone saying negative comments about you, your automatic programmed response may be "I am upset" (I think I am upset, therefore I am upset). However, in that moment, or in the moments following it, you can change that to "I think I am able to let that go, therefore I am able to let that go."

                                                                         Thomas Edison

First the thought, then the action. It's always been that way. Everything starts with a thought. Even conception starts with a thought. You first think about doing something and then do it or decide not to do it. All inventions started with a thought. Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb without first having a thought or many thoughts about it.

i hope that you guys cleared on what i want to tell you about. Its not too hard to understand right? simple words, simple explanation...

have a nice day :D

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  1. wow... story telling.... You mr C3nz, are indeed a deep thinker, i really like the part about fill in the blank part. hope u continue to do it in this HappY style..

    But if i am not mistaken we were suppose to relate this topic to modern design? owh well i didnt do it either..heheh

  2. erm a storytelling way...good..another approach..mayb it should related more to the modern design..hurm but it was a good kick start..keep it up~

  3. another way of saying cogito ergo sum is "i think, thefore i exist" ... and there was this joke that decartes went to a bar, the bartender ask him if wants a drink, decartes replied, "I think not" ... then poofff he dissapers ... i.e. not existing coz he wasn't thinking ... anyway