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New Media : Secessionist Movement or Adolf Loo's Ornament & Crime???

To begin this discussion, I will explain about what was said "Secessionist Movement". Secessionist Movement start to kick off in Vienna, Italy at 1897 and was founded by  a group of Austrian artists who had resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists. This movement included painters, sculptors, and architects. The first president of the Secession was Gustav Klimt, and Rudolf von Alt was made honorary president.
Gustav Klimt
self potrait of Rudolf von Alt 

This movement does not refer to any history as any other previous movement. This movement seeks to put away all the references from history and make their own philosophy and their own references.Secession artists were concerned with exploring the possibilities of art outside the confines of academic tradition. They hoped to create a new style that owed nothing to historical influence. 

The Secession building could be considered the icon of the movement. Above its entrance was carved the phrase "to every age its art and to art its freedom"

Secessionist building in Austria

below this is some art work that came form Secessionist Movement:

All the art work above, its showed that, they think that art should be viewed as a whole and art is not confined to one section only. 
How about Adolf Loo's Ornament & Crime? let me tell you something. Adolf Loo's rejecting all the Secessionist Movement understanding. Ornament & Crime is actually an essay that  repudiated the florid style of the Secessionist. 
Adolf Loo's 

In that essay, he wrote that ornamentation can have the effect of causing objects to go out of style and thus become obsolete. It struck him that it was a crime to waste the effort needed to add ornamentation, when the ornamentation would cause the object to soon go out of style. Loos introduced a sense of the "immorality" of ornament, describing it as "degenerate", its suppression as necessary for regulating modern society. For him, "design must come with function".

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::sample of Adolf Loo's art work::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::design must come with function::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The picture above showed all the design that followed Adolf Loo's philosophy. You can see all this design perfectly sync with the function of the item and no over do ornament.


Lets go to the New Media part.....New Media also known as Cyber Media is a broad term in Media Studies that emerged in the late of the 20th century to encompass the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet. 

For a shot explanation, New Media is "Interactive digital media". Anything that interact with you with digital media platform....such an internet, games, music, TV show and much more. To make something interactive, one's must full with something that can interact to viewer. Hard to understand isn't it. Let me give you an example. 
(pic 1)

Try to compare this interactive kiosk (pic 1) for IKEA with........

(pic 2)

This interactive kiosk (pic 2), also for IKEA....which one is more interactive? for me, i choose pic 2. Its look more attractive than the other which more things to see and more things to play with.... Actually...these 2 are my work back to my Degree study. In this case, i intend to make an interactive kiosk for IKEA. The picture above (pic 1), i want to make more to "conceptual" design and of course it had been rejected by my lecture. So i came out with 2nd concept (pic 2) and its much better from the other...right??? (^_^)

Another example

My Work...combining 2D and 3D in FLASH platform

So if you ask me which one do i prefer...i'll go to the Secessionist Movement which is they think that art should be viewed as a whole. Its true sometime "less is more" but in my case "more" is more....the more interactive action in this New Media "things", the more attractive that "things" will become.......

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:: JOY of WORK ::

Joy of Work??? what are this phase means?? and how that phase shaping the future in term of design.

1st things i want to share with you is how its all begin. Its started in Europe between 18th-19th century. Europe at this time divided are into several small countries with each of it has a different systems of government such as monarchy, democracy, church and militaryAt this time, the major European powers try to expand their borders to become a great imperial power.

In terms of thinking, this age is the "age of enlightement" that give the society the freedom to think, emphasizes the wisdom. Plus, at this era "money, does matter" the more money one's have, the higher status they will get.
get it??

In terms of philosophy, Voltaire, with his "law of nature" give a new dimension in the way of thinking.  His philosophy based on "human beings are born good and ideas is a gift of God". Human all have emotion, and human emotion are all the same. Emotion are natural feeling, true and all human must sincere with their own feeling. Hearts and feelings are more important than reason.
François-Marie Arouet, better known by the pen name Voltaire

Another philosopher, Rousseau, state that human are naturally born sinless and honest. Feelings and wishes of good and truth is more important than reasons and causes.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

In terms of social and economic, this century is the century full of changes. The existence of the industry has made the migration to cities happed anywhere. Social conditions changed dramatically. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF ART AND CRAFT MOVEMENT since before this movement started arts mostly can only be appreciated by the upper class society only.

This movement  inspired by the social reform concerns of thinkers such as Walter Crane and John Ruskin. The movement advocated truth to materials and traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It also proposed economic and social reform and has been seen as essentially anti industrial.  
Diane and Endymion. By Walter Crane

In this period, manufactured goods were often poor in design and quality.  John Ruskin and William Morris proposed that it would be better for all if individual craftsmanship could be revived. The worker could then produce beautiful objects that exhibited the result of fine craftsmanship, as opposed to the shoddy products of mass production. Thus the goal was to create design that was... " for the people and by the people, and a source of pleasure to the maker and the user." Workers could produce beautiful objects that would enhance the lives of ordinary people, and at the same time provide decent employment for the craftsman.

Art nouveau is an international decoration and architecture that develope in europe in the 1880s and 1890s. The word art nouveau came from the Maison de l'Art Nouveau, an interior design gallery opened in Paris in 1896. 

It is characterized by the use of stylized organic shapes and dramatic, curving lines. Many of its themes are taken from nature, though presented quite abstractly. The Art Nouveau style has its inspirations in High Victorian style, Roccoco, and Japanese art. It has affinities with the contemporary Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolist, and not to forget, Arts and Crafts styles.
Rococo movement, the swing by Fragonard

C. Paglia on Pre-Raphaelite Art

Dark Romance - Book of Days - The Symbolist Art of Louis Welden Hawkins

Art Nouveau architecture and design can be seen in many of the world's cities, perhaps most famously in the Parisian Metro stations. Rennie Mackintosh was a major Art Nouveau architect and furniture designer who worked in Scotland and England. His work provides classic examples of the art nouveau style. 
Parisian Metro stations

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Rennie Mackintosh's art work :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Art Nouveau movement sought to make art a way of life, breaking down the barriers between fine and applied art, and unlike Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau artists readily used new materials, machined surfaces and abstraction in the service of pure design. Plus, Art Nouveau did not negate the machine as the Arts and Crafts Movement did, but used it to its advantage.

"Art and Craft Movement" and "Art Nouveau". They are both decorative, influenced by medieval, pre-Raphaelite, art and have a ton of vines going on, but one is primarily a decorative arts movement about "how" things are made, and the other is an art movement about "what" is made. But they can both be understood as reactions to the Industrial Revolution.
"How and What" things are made for 

So, we return to the main issue,what can be related in the phase "joy of work" to this two movement?? For Art and Craft movement, they are adore the "making proses" rather than the end product. Means their "joy of work" blaze form "HOW" they make their art. 

For Art Nouveau movement, they don't really care on "HOW" they make their art work, but what they care most is on "WHAT" is made. Means, the Art Nouveau artist really care about the end product. Their "joy of work" came when they satisfy with "WHAT" they had made. 


P/S: lets kokuat~ !!!!

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Cogito Ergo Sum

Wondering what its means, I began to find the meaning hidding in that verse....

This is what I get ...

Cogito ergo sum, in English "I think, therefore I am", and sometimes misquoted as Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum (I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am), is a philosophical statement in Latin used by René Descartes.

                                                                        This is the guy

After reading a lot of related resources related to this verse, I can conclude that his statement is really a fill-in-the-blanks statement. "i think__________, therefore i am__________. " for example. "i think i am disappointed, therefore i am disappointed. " "I think i am honored, therefore i am honored", "i think i am angry, therefore i am angry. "

This verse made to give confidence to every man, confidence that will lead to success. 

Before your mind trying to rejecting these verse, perhaps this short story can convince you.


                                                    a broken wing dove

Once apon a time, there was a female doves named "Mother". One day, Mother delivered a cute and adorable twin named Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve grew up together happily. Eating together and they are free to fly anywhere they want. Until one day......

Adam became arrogant. it occurs when Adam can fly faster than Eve....

                                                                          this is Adam

Adam has been reprimanded many times by Mother, but for adam the advices was not carrying any meaning. it just only another nagging from his mother. Because of Adam stubbornness to hear words from his mother, to teach him a lesson, Mother had told Adam and Eve to race against each other. 

Listen to the words from Mother, Eve became afraid. Because Eve knows she never in any way  she can defeat Adam in the race. Mother give Eve a very simple and meaningful advice "believe in yourself and all that you are", she said.

The day has come. Adam and Eve were getting ready at the starting point. Adam talks to Eve in a sarcastic way "huh!! beat me in your dreams, girl", Adam said. Adam looked at Eve with full of insult. Eve became less confident, but suddenly, Eve remembers his mother's words "believe in yourself and all that you are". Those words make Eve become more excited, more excited to beat Adam in the race. 

"From here, to the tree over there and come back here. Here is the starting and finishing point" Mother said. 1, 2, 3 go!!!! and off they go.

Looks like Adam leading the race. Eve, that leave behind are trying in great effort to head off Adam. Eve face looked tired and breathless. From a far, Mother looked at Eve with a face full of hope. Adam seems closer to the finish line. Adam faces seem happy.
Seeing the happy faces of Adam, Eve strengthen her heart. not willing for Eve to see his mother was disappointed by her. Eve closed her eyes, she screamed in her heart "Aarrrhhhh! I certainly can do it". Sudden Eve intercepts Adam. Adam looked surprised. He seems can not believe what happened. The result is, Eve won the race.

"Mother, i won .. i won the race" said Eve happily. Eve go to hermother. Mother Mother Eve "Eve, remember this, if you think youcan won the race, therefor, you can won the race. "

"Thank you mother", said Eve. After That, they leave, leaving the dumb-founded Adam behind.


Anything related? i think you guy get the idea, but let me make it super clear. This story tells if we want something,we must believe that we can do it. That the meaning of "Cogito Ergo Sum". I think, therefore i am. Let's go back to verse and fill in the blanks. " I think i can won the race, therefore i won the race". So the usual conclusion to this thought is I can won the race… thus I won the race. 

Another example? Ok. Someone says something to me that I consider insulting or hurtful. Let's go back to our fill in the blanks. I think I am insulted, therefore I am insulted. Now, I do have another alternative in how I "fill in the blanks". I think I am amused, therefore I am amused. Whichever thought I choose is the one that carries over into the "I AM".

                                                                               "I am"

I suggest you try this. Next time you find yourself feeling upset with someone (I think I am upset, therefore I am upset), replace that thought with, "I think I am at peace, therefore I am at peace". Of course, this is not a magic pill that instantly will change your reality. What it will do is change your perception of the situation. All of a sudden, it places you on the outside of your attitudes, "looking at them" rather than "being them". You, as the observer, can stand back and see "you" the "action figure" choosing to play the role of "I am upset", "I am angry", "I am at peace", "I am too busy", "I am hurt".

Once you start saying "I think I am at peace, therefore I am at peace" something shifts. It lets you see that there is another option. You are not cemented into your reactions, they are a choice, even though we've often overlooked the fact that we had a choice. Saying I am at peace,  helps shift our attitude from upset and anger, to a focus on choosing inner peace.

                                                    i think i am the best, therefore i am the best

When you hear someone saying negative comments about you, your automatic programmed response may be "I am upset" (I think I am upset, therefore I am upset). However, in that moment, or in the moments following it, you can change that to "I think I am able to let that go, therefore I am able to let that go."

                                                                         Thomas Edison

First the thought, then the action. It's always been that way. Everything starts with a thought. Even conception starts with a thought. You first think about doing something and then do it or decide not to do it. All inventions started with a thought. Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb without first having a thought or many thoughts about it.

i hope that you guys cleared on what i want to tell you about. Its not too hard to understand right? simple words, simple explanation...

have a nice day :D

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